2: Corona-Update

Updated: Sept, 3rd 2021

Seehaus (gastronomy)

Our restaurant is open again! Please always keep a minimum distance of 1.5m to others.
1. You can book a table here. It is not possible to reserve a table on the terrace. You can also come visit us without a reservation.
2. The following applies indoors: Guests must be vaccinated, recovered or tested. Test not older than 48h.
3. Please disinfect your hands before entering the restaurant.
4. You will be accompanied to your seat by an employee.
5. Wearing a mask is mandatory as long as you're not sitting at your table.
6. The contact details of each guest are recorded. We use the 'luca' app for this. If you don't have a smartphone with you, we will collect the data manually.


1. Please follow the instructions at the entrance and on the premises.
2. The following applies on the site: keep a distance from others.